side effects of shipping harurin:

  • uncontrollable smiling at strangers, the sidewalk, animals, blank walls, phone screens, babies
  • dangerously high levels of optimism
  • feelings of invincibility
  • levitation
  • spontaneous ascending




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Free! Eternal Summer poster illustration in Newtype Magazine (10/2014), illustrated by key animator Shinpei Sawa (澤真平). So many large posters this month. 

High five. Fist bump!


there are many things that have changed about nanase haruka as he’s grown both physically and emotionally over the years, but his ability to look 400% done with a situation is exactly the same no matter what and im so glad


Nikita Gill - A Quiet Day In Wonderland (2014)

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Ever since that day, every samezuka crew’s birthdays are numbered and they all live in fear of Sousuke’s revenge.


Happy Birthday Sou-chan! 14.09

Dedicated to my ♥ Minji-chan! 

  · Rin&Haru eternal summer?

Wait, so it’s spring in Australia now, right? But it’s autumn in Japan.
So if Rin&Haru move from Tokyo to Sydney and back every 6 months -> it IS an “eternal summer” for them.
Just how cool is that?



 ~ ♫ I will show you a whole New World  ♫~

oh so that’s what these were for


M: "I've decided, I'm going to a college
in Tokyo."

H: "Do whatever you want!"

I’ve seen so much talk about Haru’s personality in the new season and how it’s ‘not Haru’ or ‘that isn’t how he would react’ etc.

First off, KyoAni are the creators of Free. They develop these characters and if this is what Haru has become or how he reacts, it is Haru, it is how Haru would react. We’re not seeing an animated interpretation of a character already made, we’re seeing him in the making. 

Secondly, where are all those people originally complaining that Haru was too deadpanned, that Haru wasn’t passionate enough, that Haru was too stagnant and indifferent? I won’t explain that it’s part of Haru’s personality that he isn’t very vocal about his opinions or passions, he expresses them in entirely different ways, but now that we’re seeing Haru really start to express himself, people are upset? 

Also, how are people upset about this? Haru has been reacting in an aggressive manner toward the two most important people in his life because of how much he cares, how afraid he is to remove himself from what he knows, and his inability to properly express himself. If anything, this is one of the most perfect reactions Haru could give. 

Makoto has always been there for him, Rin has always been his inspiration, and now Haru is being faced with this idea that they aren’t 
going to be together, that swimming alone isn’t going to direct their future and realistically, Haru’s been somewhat spoiled by the both of them. He’s being forced to come face to face with a terribly unpredictable and unfavorable future, and he doesn’t like it. So he lashes out at the people he is the most comfortable with expressing himself to.

Haru is very human in this season. I don’t believe there is anyone out there who hasn’t snapped at someone they love because of their own emotional discrepancies and insecurities. Personally, I couldn’t have preferred a better reaction from Haru; I am the utmost satisfied with him and this season as we’ve witnessed Haru really showing that he is 
invested in his future with the people he loves and cares about and is so frightened of being unable to pursue it without throwing away a part of himself, too. It’s a very realistic sacrifice.

And to sum everything up simply, it’s obvious we’re going to have a resolution to this, there’s no way that these boys who are closest to one another won’t resolve this. And when they do, it will be just as dramatic and as heart wrenching. 

So stop hating on Haru because you have a false perception of a character based on your personal interpretations. You can hate him for whatever other reason, but quit claiming that this ‘isn’t Haru’ when there is, factually, no other personification than the one we’re witnessing unfold.

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  · Mile High (Swim) Club (3006 words) by extraordinary [AO3]


Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Matsuoka Rin/Nanase Haruka
Characters: Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haruka
Additional Tags: Spoilers for Free! ES ep. 11, Handjobs (ON AN AIRPLANE), First Time, 100% PWP

"Why’re you using me like a pillow?"

"You’re hogging my footrest." Haruka pointed out without missing a beat. "It’s only fair."

(Rin & Haruka join the Mile High Club.)

Uhm… I did the thing.

Artist: (Cover by Megan Lee & Ray Lee)

Song: Rin&Haru anthem
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i know everyone’s been talking about this song with connection to Rin&Haru so i listened to this song again today
and i realized

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
Unbelievable sights

SIGHTS. SIGHTS. SIIIIGHTS *heavy breathing*

and i’m like. yeah. this is it. it’s their song. (x)

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